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Only God moves us in the very depths of our being.  Only God knows our hearts, our hurts our needs and our desires.  No other being can penetrate our soul to its very core and fill it with love, comfort and peace.”  J.N.
      The resources offered here are focused on spiritual deepening through contemplative prayer and spiritual practices.
     Do you remember a time when you knew God was real?  Do you remember feeling the Holy, the Sacred or the Mystery we call God very hear to you and you sensed a feeling of being loved, deep peace or joy?  It could have happened while walking to the mailbox, sitting by a lake or cradling a baby.  It could have happend while singing a favorite hymn at church or listening to a particular song on the radio.  Many people have told  me that it happened when they were on retreat where they had a concentrated time to pay attention to their spiritual life.  Others have experienced an intimate closeness of God through the death of a loved one.  Do you remember times like these that led you to make a resolve to live differently and seek God's direction for the choices you make in life?  The Buddhist would call this waking up.  What happened?
     I want to say that all those experiences are invitations from God to come closer, to listen deeply and to discover a fuller more meaningful life.  They are invitations to pray.  They are invitations to experience the unconditional love of God, to help us discover our best self and to make better choices for our lives. We have lost the meaning of prayer as the early Christians practiced it.  A word like communion would better express what prayer meant to them.  Another word might be relationship or intimacy to better express prayer as Jesus demonstrated it.  When one thinks of words like communion , relationship and intimacy one also thinks of love.  A good way to talk about prayer would be to say that it is the intimate communication one has in one's love relationship with God.
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